Creation date: to be scheduled
→ Wind Band with Solo Euphonium

Solo Euph.,
Picc., 2 Fl., 2 Ob. (+ Eng. Hn 2), Eng. Hn 1,
2 Bsns, Eb Cl., Cl. 1-2-3, Bass Cl., Cb. Cl.,
A. Sax. 1-2, T. Sax., B. Sax., 4 Hn,
4 Tpt, 4 Trb., Euph., Tub., Vcl. (4-6),
Cb (2), Hp, 4 Perc.

Duration: 20:00
Level: Grade 5


to Sébastien Stein and the Harmonie de Forbach

After a first Euphonium Concert titledLibertaliait’s just a coincidence if this second Concerto is called Liberté !

Universal theme, forever evocative, indubitably uniting humankind towards a common purpose.

The score tries to be an allegory, with no event or object description at all, tempting to create alternately a restrictive atmosphere (a prison bars or the sheet music bars) then this of a totally «liberated» orchestra and soloist, impassioned, facing the infinite sensation of ‘all-possible’ that gives this freedom.

Paul Eluard’s poem «Liberté» is pronounced as the music goes (recording, offstage, narrator onstage,… depending on the possibilities).

Concert Band