Creation date: November 16, 2008
Concert Band and Solo Euphonium
Publisher:De Haske Publications

Solo Euphonium, Picc. (+ Fl.),
2 Fl. (+ Alto Fl.), 2 Ob. (+ Eng.Hn),
2 Bsns (+ Cbsn), Eb Cl., Bb Cl. I-II-III, Alto Cl.,
Bass Cl., Cb. Cl., 2 A. Sax., T. Sax., Bar. Sax.,
4 Hns, 2 Cnts, 2 Tpts (+ Flhn), 3 Trbs,
2 Euph., 2 Tubas, Cb., Hp., 5 Perc.

Duration: 14:00
Level: Grade 6


Tho’, damn ye, you are a sneaking Puppy, and so are all those who will submit to be governed by Laws which rich Men have made for their own Security, for the cowardly Whelps have not the Courage otherwise to defend what they get by their Knavery; but damn ye altogether: Damn them for a Pack of crafty Rascals, and you, who serve them, for a Parcel of hen-hearted Numskulls. They vilify us, the Scoundrels do, when there is only this Difference, they rob the Poor under the Cover of Law, forsooth, and we plunder the Rich under the Protection of our own Courage; had you not better make One of us, than sneak after the A— s of these Villains for Employment?

That excerpt from of Captain Bellamy and his Crew describes clearly the piracy’s idea. Indeed, Defoe tells us the true story of the most famous pirates of 17th century ; when Defoe published his work, it was under the recently revealed pseudonym « Captain Johnson ».

We discover how the greatest captains and corsairs under the laws of French or Great Britain kings, decided to continue their trips across seas and oceans on their own way, plundering French, Scottish, Dutch merchant or warships… Indigenous slaves are commonplace, we trade guns, provisions and gold… and we land at Madagascar: Libertalia’s here! The legendary utopia could have exist (founded by Captain Misson and Monk Carracioli), for a few years only.

Ours is a brave, a just, an innocent, and a noble Cause; the Cause of Liberty. I therefore advise a white Ensign, with Liberty painted in the Fly, and if you like the Motto, «a Deo a Libertate», for God and Liberty, as an Emblem of our Uprightness and Resolution. The Cabin Door was left open, and the Bulk Head which was of Canvas rowed up, the Steerage being full of Men, who lent an attentive Ear, they cried «Liberty, Liberty».

Libertalia was premiered on November 16th 2008 at the Cité de la Musique (Paris, France), by the dedicatees: the Musique de l’Air (Paris) was placed under baton Claude Kesmaecker, with Anthony Caillet, euphonium.

Maxime Aulio_TWO

Libertalia, by the Toulouse Wind Orchestra
Conductor: Maxime Aulio
Soloist: Hélène Escriva (euphonium)

Concert Band