The Butterfly that Stamped, by the Musique des Gardiens de la Paix

Creation date: April 30, 2006
Concert Band and Solo Baritone Saxophone
Publisher:De Haske Publications

Solo Baritone Saxophone,
Picc. (+ Fl.), 2 Fl., Ob., 2 Bsns
Bb Cl. I-II-III, Bass Cl.,
2 A. Sax., T. Sax., Bar. Sax.,
2 Hns, 2 Cnts, 2 Tpts (+ Flhn), 3 Trbs,
1 Euph., 1 Tuba, Cb., Hp., 4 Perc.

Duration: 07:00
Level: Grade 4


Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) is one of the most popular English language writers. Born in Bombay, India, this journalist, poet and novelist was awarded the 1907 Nobel Prize in Literature. Kipling is best known for his works The Jungle Book (1894), Just So Stories (1902) and Kim (1901), among others. He travelled the world, gleaning expressions and marvels to tell to children and adults. Today, his Just So Stories can still delight with their comically and poetically elevated style; they are enchanting tales about animals in India and Africa, initially written for daughter, Josephine, who died during an outbreak of influenza in 1899.

The Butterfly That Stamped is one of the twelve tales featured in Just So Stories. Inspired by this tale, Maxime Aulio’s work comes within the tradition of French impressionist music. The Baritone Saxophone solo embodies King Solomon, Son of David; the Flutes play the pair of butterflies; a Clarinet is Balkis the Most Beautiful – the wise Balkis of Sheba – whereas the Trumpets and Cornets personify the Djinns. The characters move in a marvelous orchestral setting in the image of King Solomon’s palace and gardens.

The Butterfly That Stamped was commissioned by the Auvergne Music Federation (Fédération Musicale d’Auvergne – France) with support from Auvergne Regional Council, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Regional Wind Orchestra (Orchestre Régional d’Harmonie École). It was first performed by the dedicatee orchestra, conducted by Claude Kesmaecker, at the Municipal Theater in Aurillac, on April 30th, 2006. The Saxophone soloist for the premiere was Alexandre Doisy.

  1. 01. Aerospace 4:11
  2. 02. The Butterfly that Stamped 2:20
  3. 03. Odysseia 3:28
  4. 04. Phaethon 4:05
  5. 05. Marsyas 4:36

Concert Band