Concert Band:Toulouse Wind Orchestra
Conductor:Maxime Aulio
Duration: 00:53:02
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Libertalia, by the Toulouse Wind Orchestra

Road Two Kerkrade • 2018

This Album was recorded live on July 27, 2017. It contains the program that was played at the World Music Contest of Kerkrade on July 29, 2017 and which allowed the TWO to win the 3rd position of this world contest.


01. Sinfonia n°4 ‘El Coloso’: I. Obscurité Ferrer Ferran. 00:08:05
02. Sinfonia n°4 ‘El Coloso’: II. Sommeil Ferrer Ferran. 00:07:06
03. Sinfonia n°4 ‘El Coloso’: III. La fuite Ferrer Ferran. 00:04:20
04. Sinfonia n°4 ‘El Coloso’: IV. Le géant Ferrer Ferran. 00:08:35
05.LibertaliaMaxime Aulio. Hélène Escriva solo euphonium. 00:14:50
06. Danzon n°2 Arturo Márquez. 00:10:06


Libertaliacomposed by Maxime Aulio
Publisher:De Haske Publications