01.LibertaliaMaxime Aulio. 00:13:48
02. Faux Mouvements Arnaud Boukhitine. 00:10:21
03. Paroles Jean-François Baud. 00:12:11
04. Le binôme bigarré Paul Lay. 00:09:33
05. Tangothique Marc Lys. 00:10:22


Concert Band: Orchestre d’Harmonie de la Musique de l’Air de Paris
Conductor: Claude Kesmaecker
Duration: 00:56:15
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Why composing for euphonium?

« … because it is an extraordinary instrument, in the first sense of the word (extra-ordinary) … A solo instrument by excellence, corresponding perfectly to an epic, triumphant, chivalrous idea! And writing for a soloist like Anthony Caillet is a test and at the same time a real pleasure, because the possibilities and the technicality are pushed to the extreme … » Maxime Aulio


Libertalia, Maxime Aulio

Libertalia • 2012

This album is an invitation to discovery. For some, it will be a discovery of euphonium, solo instrument in its own right, warm and virtuoso, unknown because one of the most recent in the history of music; or a rediscovery of the wind band, an orchestra rich in colors and dynamics, deeply rooted in our cultural heritage. For the others, the repertoire exclusively composed of new original works for euphonium and concert band will offer a different vision of the instrument. For all and thanks to these five brilliant composers with various musical influences, this disc is an exploration of many stylistic universes, a journey in the heart of multiple atmospheres.


Libertaliacomposed by Maxime Aulio
Publisher:De Haske Publications