Arachnophobie, by the Clarinet Quartet Clarundo

Creation date: June 20, 2000
Saxophone Quartet
Publisher:De Haske Publications

Duration: 5:00
Level: Grade 5


Originally written for Saxophone Quartet, Arachnophobie is one of Maxime Aulio’s first compositions. It is a humorous allusion to his fear of spiders: his own brother – who had a passion for reptiles and other unusual pets – used to collect tarantulas in terrariums.

As this score was first written for friends with whom Maxime was studying at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional in Toulouse (France), Arachnophobie is therefore a simple musical amusement.

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Arachnophobie, by the friends (saxophones) from the Conservatory of Toulouse, in 2000 (premiere)

Instrumental ensemble