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Composer & Band Conductor
  1. The Day The Little Green Men Didn't Attack Earth! 14:43
  2. Aquila Non Capit Muscas (excerpt) 2:40
  3. Odysseia (excerpt) 3:28
  4. Tales and Legends from Savoy: The Lady from Val de Fier (excerpt) 1:17
  5. The Butterfly that Stamped (excerpt) 2:20
  6. Millions, millions, et millions d'étoiles ! (excerpt) 3:02
  7. Il Signor Fagotto (excerpt) 2:44
  8. Marsyas (excerpt) 4:36
  9. Phaethon (excerpt) 4:05
  10. Et si ce n'était qu'un rêve... (excerpts) 11:54
  11. Gulliver's Travels: A Voyage to Luggnagg (excerpt) 1:10
  12. Libertalia (excerpt) 3:46
  13. Aerospace (excerpt) 4:11
Maxime Aulio's Music32m17s
« […] We were settled very tightly in the small church of the village, which was filled to the brim, people listened from outside. And a piece we played moved us all, musicians and audience; I still remember seeing the wet eyes of my fellow horn players and the tearful eyes of some ladies in the audience. After that, a long silence that seemed to last forever at the end of the show… Everyone was contemplative, moved, happy to be there. It’s also hard to share and explain. But I have tears coming back thinking about that moment. The laughs that followed this concert, at a meal offered, were amazing. It’s those moments that make me realize how much I love this job, I like the orchestra… for those inexplicable human moments we can create. »



Pas d'événements à venir

Un véritable coup de foudre pour ta musique. Subtile, puissante, originale et belle. Bravo sincère.Marc Steckar

Je connais l’ouverture d’esprit, la curiosité et la rigueur de Maxime, sa polyvalence, son attachement aux œuvres rares et à la création.Karol Beffa

Maxime Aulio is one of the most talented and gifted composers of his generation.Johan de Meij

Sa musique se distingue par son originalité, sa fraîcheur et subtilité ; sa volonté de défendre la musique pour instruments à vent mérite d’être encouragée et soutenue.Tôn-Thât Tiêt



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