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Compositions and Arrangements

Compositions & Arrangements


Concert Band and Wind Ensemble

 Prophéties, pièce burlesque Op.1
Gulliver’s TravelsOp.3
Il Signor Fagottowith solo bassoon Op.4
Whispering WindOp.5
Bilbo the Hobbitwith solo horn Op.6
Montsegur, the Cathar Tragedywith solo trombone Op.7
The Three Musketeerswith solo tuba quartet Op.8
The Last Dream of the Old OakOp.9
Aerospace, Prelude to Symphony of SpaceOp.10
Marsyaswith solo flute/piccolo solo and obligato harp Op.11
The Butterfly that Stampedwith solo baritone saxophone Op.17
Libertaliawith solo euphonium Op.19
Symphony of Spacefor large wind orchestra and choir Op.20
 L’Homme for bassoon (or cello) and male voice choir Op.28 (still i
Tales and Legends from SavoyOp.23
 Mégalopoles with solo saxophone quartet Op.25 (still in progress)
Musique de Tablewith solo jazz quartet Op.27
 神奈川沖浪裏 La Grande Vague de Kanagawa Op.29 (still in progress)
L’aiguille qui fait déborder le vaseOp.30
Tritonwith solo trumpet Op.31
The Day the Little Green Men didn’t Attack Earth!with solo theremin or soprano Op.34 (still in progress)
« Millions, millions, et millions d’étoiles ! Je suis, dans l’ombre affreuse et sous les sacrés voiles, la splendide forêt des constellations […] »Op.38
Liberté !with solo euphonium Op.42 (still in progress)
Epomanduodurum – Aquila Non Capit MuscasOp.46
« Et si ce n’était qu’un rêve… »Op.48
 Petite Sérénade with 2 soli euphoniums Op.49 (still in progress)
film noirwith solo percussion Op.50

Instrumental Ensemble and Chamber Music

Arachnophobiefor saxophone quartet Op.2
Arachnophobiefor wind quintet, clarinet quintet, string quintet, or flute and string trio (arrangements)
 Still Life for percussion quartet Op.14 (unfinished)
Fantasy for trombones and percussionsOp.15
 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for plectrum ensemble and flute Op.16 (unfinished)
A very very short Fanfare (to introduce the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe)for brass
Just so  PiecesOp.18a, b, c, d (→ to be premiered)
Phaethonwith solo bass trombone Op.22 (available with piano reduction)
Claricaturesfor clarinet quartet Op.26 (→ to be premiered)
 Bass Trombone for bass trombone and piano played by a non-pianist Op.32 (still in progress)
Odes Arméniennesfor English horn/duduk, mezzo-soprano and viola Op.35
Natural Process Activation #3 Bloomfor bass flute, contrabass clarinet, drums & piano
Un petit vélo dans la têtefor tuba eand French horn Op.36
 Cyané for flute, cello and piano Op.37 (still in progress)
« Et je ne sentais plus ni le temps ni le nombre. »for trumpet and organ Op.41

Solo Instrument

4 Haïkusfor percussion Op.24
Haïkufor alto saxophone Op.24b
Haïkufor bass trombone Op.39 ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor percussion Op.24c ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor bass trombone Op.39b ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor bass flute Op.43 ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor alto flute Op.43b ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor celeste Op.44 ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor harp Op.44b ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor contrabass clarinet Op.45 ( to be premiered)
Haïkufor baritone saxophone Op.45b ( to be premiered)
Regarder les éléphants danserfor solo horn and some horn player friends Op.47 ( to be premiered)

For / With Choir

Symphony of Spacefor large wind orchestra and choir Op.20
 L’Homme for bassoon (or cello) and male voice choir Op.28 (still in progress)
Vers l’infini…with solo trombone Op.40 (still in progress)
Hymn to Apollofor mixed, male or female choir (manuscript)

Symphonic Orchestra

Whispering Winds(transcription by François Gheusi)
Montségur, the Cathare Tragedywith solo trombone Op.7 (arrangement)
 Elégie et Elévation with solo trombone Op.21 (reused for Op.40)
Vers l’infini…with solo trombone Op.40 (still in progress)

Film Music

 Vie de Couple Op.13 realised by par Jean Lenormand (manuscript)
 Train Op.33 realised by Olivier Chabalier (manuscript)


 Alexandre Glazounov,Concerto in mib for alto saxophonefor wind ensemble
 Henri Tomasi,Concerto for bassoonfor wind ensemble (manuscript)
 Déodat de Séverac,Recuerdos / 2.Cantos de Marineros / 3.Lola la abandonadafor wind ensemble
 Rouget de Lisle,Hymne des Marseillais (La Marseillaise)for brass quintet
Chants, marches et airs du 1er Empirefor early brass (keyed bugles, buccin, natural horns, trompettes demi-lune, ophicleide, natural trumpets)
 Christmas’ Songs (chants de Noël) for wind dixtuor or symphonic orchestra (available from the composer)

Music work creation Anniversary Dates

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