Vers l'infini... (in progress)

Solo Trombone,
Picc. (+ Fl. 3), Fl. 1, Fl. 2 (+ A. Fl.),
Ob., Eng. Hn, 2 Bsns, 2 Bb Cl., Bass Cl.,
4 Hns, 2 Cnts, 2 Tpts, 3 Trbs, Tuba,
Timp., 3 Perc., Cel., Hp.,
Female voices (4 Sop., 4 Alt.), Strings

Duration: 20:00
Level: Grade 5


to Fabrice Millischer

Vers l’infini…, first is an affirmation full of promises in this early 21th century which sees many peculiar realizations. A challenge when science and technology contribute to the development of artificial intelligence and robots, now always surrounded us, allowing us to explore further in every domain, including space and our universe’s limits, always further in the past, in consequence…

Reality joins constantly fiction and imagination of humans.

Immediate boarding towards the stars!

Symphonic Orchestra