Creation date: June 8, 2002
Concert Band
Publisher:De Haske Publications

Symphonic Orchestra
Publisher:SMP Press

Picc., 2 Fl., 2 Ob.,
Eng.Hn., 2 Bsns,
Bb Cl. I-II-III, Bass Cl.,
2 A. Sax., T. Sax., Bar. Sax.,
4 Hns, 4 Tpts, 3 Trbs, 2 Euph.,
2 Tubas, Cb., Hp., 4 Perc.

Duration: 6:00
Level: Grade 4


Listen to no one’s advice except that of the wind in the trees. That can recount the whole history of mankind. – Claude Debussy

Since the dawn of time, the wind has played an important role in all civilizations. Worshipped as a deity, ‘mastermind’ of poetry, driving force, or heaven’s messenger, the wind took on most varied shapes according to the era and people. The ways of the wind are not known beforehand ; they tell us a thousand stories coming from far-off lands. The whispers of the wind are the translucent paths of soul, the colors of ephemera, the poetry of sounds.

In Claude Debussy’s time, music listened to the voice of nature, and imagination found its primary rights again. Each instrument seemed to become synonymous with impressions and suggestions.

The shape of musical development became musical envelopment, and it is clearly this very French sensitivity, which Debussy conveyed better than anyone, that also defines Maxime Aulio’s work Whispering Wind with its suspended atmospheres, vaporous lines, and luminous colors. The wind caresses the canvas, suggests and simply evokes yet with dazzling precision. The wind is a nomadic voice that wanders into our inner world for a long time.

Concert Band Symphonic Orchestra